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The late Padmashri S. Natarajan, (1901-1977), our Founder, started his career as a Science and English teacher and rose to serve successfully as Headmaster of a Training school, as Director of All-india Council for Secondary Education –what is now known as the NCERT —Member of several Education Commissions, President of the South Indian Teacher’s Union and Vice-President of the World Confederation of the Teaching Profession.

He was one of the founders of the South Indian Teacher’s Union and later became its President. He also served for a term as a member of the Madras Legislative Council. He started a number of organizations for the welfare of teachers and worked ceaselessly for their professional development.

He founded, apart from ELTAI, the Association of mathematics Teachers, Association os Science Teachers Association of Geography Teachers and the SITU Council of Educational Research and Society for the Promotion of Education in India.

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