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Project proposals

A brief note on what action research is:

Action research in the strict sense of the term is not a rigorous, academic research study at all. It is only a problem-solving method. This term is used because the problem is sought to be solved in a scientific way.

Action research involves the following steps:

1. Identifying a classroom teaching-learning problem first — e.g., students poor in spelling, or poor in speaking skill, or lack of reading habit, or poor vocabulary.
Statement of the problem — any one problem you face in your classroom teaching. (One sentence will do for stating it.)

2. Listing the probable causes, i.e. why are they poor in spelling or vocabulary, or why do they lack the reading habit, etc.

3. Stating the Action Hypothesis – listing what you intend or plan to do to solve the problem.
You may state the action hypothesis in the following format:
‘If I take the following __________________, the problem will be solved.’

4. Testing the action hypothesis – describing the steps you are going to take, based on a careful study of the ‘probable causes’. You should decide on the time required for your remedial action (be specific).

5. Evaluation – State how you are going to evaluate the results, i.e. whether the steps you have taken have in fact resulted in solving the problem.

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