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Project proposals

Action Research Project

One of our Patrons, Dr. S.S. Rajagopalan, has formulated a scheme of financial assistance, not exceeding Rs.10,000/-, for every selected Action Research Project submitted by our members, with a view to encouraging them to take up small scale, action-oriented projects for the improvement of standards in school and higher education.

Proposals are invited from ELTAI members for undertaking projects. The proposal should clearly state, apart from personal details, the class or classes and the number of students, duration of the project, expected outcomes, procedures to be followed, mode of evaluation and an estimate of the expenditure involved with break-up details.

The proposal should be submitted in the following format: Be brief and to the point.

  • Statement of the problem
  • Probable causes
  • Action hypothesis (If I take the following steps, 1…. 2…. 3…. the problem will be solved)
  • Testing of hypothesis — Duration of testing – From To
  • Evaluation
  • Expenditure involved

The proposal should also contain details such as the name of the institution and its location.

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