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Roles and Responsibilities of the Host Institution and ELTAI

Host Institution

  1. To become a long-term Member of ELTAI along with 5 (individuals/teachers/others) also as long-term members from the Institution Click here for details
  2. To provide space with proper seating arrangements for students and resource persons from inside and outside the campus to meet regularly
  3. To build a classroom library with students’ contributions – donating books of interest that lie idle at home, donating books on occasions such as their birthdays
  4. To subscribe to and make two leading English newspapers and two magazines available at the reading centre
  5. To provide bookshelves and assistance in issuing and returning books (to be managed by the students)
  6. To motivate the students for reading 100+ books of their choice, (in about 3-4 years) as their interests range from adventure to romantic writings to sci-fi, besides a number of short stories (with/without audio) and short articles
  7. To observe some of the important activities such as international reading day, international reading week, and international reading month and so on.
  8. To sponsor (i.e., to meet the travel and other expenses) the most promising reader from the host institution to attend an international reading association conference held annually in the US, provided their presentation is accepted by the organising committee – The conference registration fee of the student-participant will be met by ELTAI.


  1. The role of the mentors along with that of the librarian is critical for the project to succeed. They need to be in constant touch with the members of the reading club to motivate them to read through virtual and real means.
  2. The reading club to be, to a large extent, learner-driven and learner-managed under the guidance of mentors/faculty members. The learners are to meet frequently to interact among themselves.
  3. Resource persons are to be invited from various organisations/institutions as often as possible to motivate the students to sustain their interest.
  4. Learners have to maintain a log to record the titles they have read and a brief review of them. Two students who read the maximum number of books in a year are to be given prizes at the college function (college day/founder’s day).
  5. Learners are to become the influencers of even reluctant readers.


  1. To utilize the services of the teachers of the host institution to serve as resource persons for conducting programmes elsewhere
  2. To share a research-based reading framework incorporating audio/video materials, e-texts, printed texts of different kinds depending on the interests of different learners, the texts ranging from the canonical to contemporary literature, mass media and social media texts, to cater to the demands of students
  3. To draw the latest findings from organisations such as the International Reading Association (International Literary Association, US-based) to impact readers positively

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