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The MELTA Conference 2018 was organised at Berjaya Water Front Hotel, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. On 17th August, in the evening MELTA members organised a pre-conference registration where the people who arrived on 17th August were given the conference kit.

On 18th August the conference started with the Queen of Johor Bahru Her Highness Sofiya as the Chief Guest and the Secretary of Higher Education, Malaysia, Director School Education as other dignitaries. The Queen is the patron of MELTA for the last 10 years and because of her Royal Patronage MELTA receives recognition from the Malaysian Govt. too.
The associates of MELTA from Japan, Thailand, Brunei, Bangladesh, Hongkong, Indonesia were present in the conference.

The Keynote address was delivered by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak on Sustainability, Language and Education 4.0.

Other than the panel discussions, plenaries, parallel featured workshops, parallel featured presentations, and parallel paper presentation sessions, MELTA has organised Creative Teacher Showcase and Creative Teacher-Student Showcase on Day 1 to be judged by the panel of judges. The prizes were given away on Day 3 sponsored by Oxford.

On Day 1, 4 parallel workshops, 1 featured workshop, 3 featured presentations and 13 parallel paper presentations were organised.

In the late evening MELTA hosted a dinner for its associates including the chapter leaders of MELTA and the MELTA Conference Organizing Committee. The meeting was quite fruitful which has paved way to interact with the associates of MELTA on having MoU of ELTAI with their respective associations. Every associate was given 7-8 min to say about the association they represent in an informal way. ELTAI was represented by me and I spoke about ELTAI and its activities including its MoU with MELTA and BELTA and have invited all the associates of MELTA to sign an MoU with ELTAI and to be a part of the next year Golden Jubilee Conference at New Delhi. The associations have shown keen interest to be associated with ELTAI.

On the second day of the conference there were 2 Plenaries, 8 parallel workshops, 3 parallel featured workshops, 3 parallel featured presentations, 1 panel, 1 poetry reading session and 48 parallel paper presentations.

The Day 2 was special as in the night Grand Gala Royal Dinner was hosted by the Govt. of Malaysia where HE Queen of Johor Ms. Sofiya was present. The dinner tables were arranged as VIP 1, VIP 2 and common tables with names on it. It was scheduled for the participants to sit on the said table where the name is displayed.

On the Day 3, on the final day of the conference there were 2 Plenaries, 1 Featured workshop, 7 Featured Presentations, 4 Parallel workshop and 44 parallel paper presentations were there.

In three days there were 4 Plenaries, 5 Featured Workshops, 13 featured presentations, 2 panel discussions, 16 workshops, 105 paper presentations and 1 poetry reading with student and teacher student showcase. On the days of the conference during the sessions programmes for students were also organized by MELTA. Spelling Bee, Way with words were organized for the students of the schools, The winners were given cash award and books by the sponsors.

My Featured Presentation was on Day 3, on the topic Blended Learning: Blending Teacher and Technology”. The presentation was well received by the audience.

All the presenters (Keynote speaker, workshop, featured presenters, panelists, Plenary speakers etc. were given certificates just after their presentation by the Chair Person. The participants were given certificated on day 3 after the valedictory session.

MELTA too has put it’s stall by keeping Souvenirs of MELTA for sale like T Shirts, Bags, Coffee Mugs, publications, etc.

The entire conference was professionally managed, neatly executed and well planned.
The organizing committee members had a separate room known as Secretariat MELTA where all the office bearers, Chapter Heads and organizing committee members use to sit everyday and the events were managed from there. Inclusion of Chapter Heads in various activities of the conference was really nice. Everyone was given the responsibility to share and execute.

On the eve of the inaugural of MELTA Conference during pre-conference registration all the organising committee members put on MELTA T shirt to make them known to the people.

This conference has given me an excellent opportunity to share my views and ideas with people around the globe, to know them and to speak to them. It has provided me a platform to interact and know the associates of MELTA well so that now I can follow up with them to have an MoU with the English Teachers’ Associations at Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Hongkong, Japan and Korea.

On behalf of ELTAI, I have extended invitation to all the associates of MELTA and the members of MELTA to come to New Delhi to attend our Golden Jubilee Conference in 2019.

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