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In view of the Covid-19 epidemic and the consequent restrictions on largescale physical gatherings, professional development opportunities had to be provided through an online delivery mode. The English Language Teachers’ Association of India (ELTAI), the largest and the oldest professional body of teachers of English in India, rose to the occasion and launched a series of Webinars on 3rd May 2020 in keeping with its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) mission.

The larger purpose is to disseminate current thinking on different aspects of English language teaching and learning, sensitize teachers to recently published literature, and provide a platform to meet with authors or their works.

To begin with, we had webinars once a fortnight and, with increasing demand, we started organizing these virtual meets every Sunday. A schedule has been drawn up to meet the needs to different groups of learners and teachers, as follows :

First SundaySchool teachersELT Workshops (Training)
Second SundayTeachers at all levelsUpdating knowledge and skills in English language teaching
Third SundayStudentsLife Skills
Fourth SundayStudents and teachers of literatureLiterature and literary studies

* The primary audience is specified, but all webinars are open to anyone interested in or concerned about the teaching and learning of English.

The webinars are hosted on Webinarjam platform; registration is free and open to all the members of the association, teachers and students (including those who may not be members). However, participation certificates will be sent only to members of ELTAI and all the students who attend an entire session for that webinar.

Each webinar is planned meticulously and reviewed after the session with a view to making each successive webinar a better one. Resource persons for the webinars are drawn from different parts of India and other parts of the world. We hope to continue the series for a long time to come.

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